Very brief history of bioinformatics by Jong


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Darwin: A theoretical biologist
Mendel: A theoretical prediction and validation 

Hardy’s equilibrium: 1908. Population genetics
Perutz and Kendrew: structural biologists
Crick and Watson: DNA modellers
Francis Crick, Sydney Brenner, : Codon Information flow & processing 

Sanger: Protein sequencing 
Sanger: DNA sequencing: Genomics
Sanger: Proteomics 

Needleman & Wunsch: Computer algorithms (1970. JMB)  Dynamic programming
Lesk: Visualization of proteins
Chothia: domain classification and evolution
Southern: Hybridization DNA chip  Functional Genomics
Tim Berners-Lee 1990: HTTPD Internet
NCBI and BLAST algorithm: J Mol Biol. 1990 Oct 5;215(3):403-10.
Bio[.+]: Bioperl, Biojava, Biopython,
E-Science and Cyberinfrastructure:  GRID
Many Omics
Personal genomics: George Church Early 2000s
Variomics: mid 2000s

History of Bioinformatics | History of Biology

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